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Upcoming meeting -- May 13, 2015

7:30 Program - Martha Gallagher presents: The Mountains Are Calling - Songs & Stories Celebrating Nature and Life in the Adirondacks

With the beauty and wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains as her muse, Martha Gallagher creates a vibrant, living tapestry of song, story and in-the-moment inspirations. With two “voices” — her own voice and that of her unique Orphan Harp — she infuses this one-woman show with artistry, compassion for her Adirondack surroundings, spontaneous sense of humor and a delight in the wonders of nature.

Martha sings songs of everyday life in the Adirondacks, recounting comical tales of the composition of bear scat and bringing to life poetry that celebrates breathtaking natural beauty. She weaves these Adirondack musings together into a program that is imaginative, entertaining, moving and uplifting. Affectionately known throughout the region as “The Adirondack Harper,” Martha’s performances hold true to her reverence and wonderment of the power and beauty of nature as well as the people who choose to call the mountains their home.

Audiences delight in the diversity of musical styles that Martha coaxes from her one-of-a kind instrument, the Orphan Harp. Martha quickly and decisively dispels the limiting stereotypical impression that harp music is snoozy. Martha’s music dances exuberantly from swing jazz to contemporary folk, from blues to country, from Celtic to flamenco, star-dusted with a sprinkling of classical melodies and Latin grooves.

Making her home in the heart of the High Peaks of the Adirondacks, Martha lives each day with an awareness of the power, fragility and beauty of nature. She lives in an area where natural resources are strongly protected from wanton waste. So it was not surprising that when she saw beautiful pieces of wood left unused in a harp maker’s workshop, she conceived an inspired idea for their use. Prompting reclamation of discarded wood to be put to good use, she suggested that the makers build a harp from these “orphan” pieces of maple, Bubinga and black walnut. The craftspeople rose to the challenge and created the Orphan Harp, a stunning looking and gorgeous sounding harp — the only one of its kind in the world.

You can hear samples of Martha’s music at


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