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Presented by Don Berens
Europe has dozens of long-distance hiking trails, each called a Grande Randonee (French), Gran Recorrido (Spanish), Grote Routepaden (Dutch), or simply “GR.” The spectacular 118-mile GR 20 diagonally traverses the French Mediterranean island of Corsica, known as “The Isle of Beauty” and “The Granite Isle”. Mountains comprise 2/3 of Corsica, featuring 121 summits over 6600'. The GR 20 trail boasts 41,000 feet of ascent, and another 41,000 feet of descent - rightly earning it a reputation as the toughest long distance trail in Europe.
Don Berens, an experienced technical climber, was one of four French and American hikers who took on the challenge of hiking the northern section of the GR20 – the most rugged section of the trail. He'll present a program of photos illustrating Corsican terrain, geography, culture and biota as he experienced them in 2010. The program will share glimpses of the historical and ongoing contest of Corsican and mainland French politics, the emergence of spring flowers from melting snows, and the interaction of a few American and many European hikers, in one of the most beautiful, yet overlooked mountain ranges of Europe.
Besides hiking and biking in every state, Don has summitted Mt. McKinley, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Kosciuszko, and Mt. Blanc - each the highpoint of its respective continent except for Europe's Mt. Blanc (exceeded by Mt. Elbrus in the Caucasus, based on the generally - though not universally - accepted boundary between Europe and Asia). Don was a former member and regular trip leader of the Genesee Valley Chapter, as well as the Rochester Winter Mountaineering Society, and Rochester Rock, Ice, Snow and Climbing Club, until we lost him to the ADK Albany Chapter through a job relocation to the Capital District.

EXPO 2017

20th Annual Outdoor Expo
Did you have a good time at last year's Outdoor Expo? Thought maybe you'd like to help with the planning? Here's your chance!

The planning committee is having its first meeting for the 2017 Outdoor Expo on Monday, November 14th at 6 PM. We're looking for folks who may want to join us. Come to some meetings, have dinner and check us out, no commitment necessary. If you’re interested email: Expochair@adk-gvc.org or call 585-224-0912 for details and directions. Please come join us!


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