Thanks for everyone who joined us and volunteered to make our 2016 Outdoor Expo a success. 
We will see you next year. 
June 10, 2017 - Save the date!

Thank You

Outdoor Expo 2016 Final Report

By Rich Sensenbach, chair

On June 11, 2016 Genesee Valley Chapter hosted its 19

organizations and over 20 vendors joined us. The weather was fantastic, new members joined ADK and all had

a good time! The Genesee Valley Chapter of the ADK is a terrific, vibrant organization and one of the best

ways we reach out to the community is through our Expo. Many in the community have come to look forward to

participating with us year after year.

For now the equipment is all packed away. The bills are paid. The files are burned to disks and tucked away in

notebooks to be passed to the next coordinator. The many complements as well as suggestions for how to do

things better are compiled. The Monroe County Park reservations are made for our 20th Outdoor Expo on June

10, 2017!

The Expo committee is a dedicated, hardworking, experienced group and the Chapter is rich with many

volunteers who are always happy to help. I can’t tell you how many clubs said they look forward to this every

year or how many folks there for the first time that said they loved it.

Expo is always looking for new ideas and new visions! If you have suggestions you can contact me at

It is a great pleasure to take this opportunity to thank the over 80, Genesee Valley Chapter members who

stepped up to help out at Expo 2016! You worked so hard and smiled all day! What a great group! We value

each and every volunteer so if your name does not appear in this list please let me know!

A big “Thank You” goes to:

Tom Adler

John Atkins

Laurel Baker

Larry Barone

Don Bataille

Dave Beaulieu

Neal Bellenger

Gene Binder

Jim Bird

Jim Bishop

Barb Brenner

Frank Cabron

Deni Charpentier

Jordan Clark-Mand

Tricia Cook

Peter Collinge

Bob Crumrine

Steve Czompo

Lydia D'Amato

John De Seyn

Cate Dinoto

Donna Dinse

th annual Outdoor Expo. Over 40 other outdoor

Tom Dinse

Nancy Donny

Sue Dougherty

Sue Folks

Scott Forsyth

Rick French

Grace Fuller

Brooks Fulton

Dave Fergussen

Kim Goppert

Shay Hanford

Ken Harbison

Dave Harrison

Sylvia Harrison

Joanna Heal

Charlie Helman

Deb Holt

Peg Jacobs

Rod Johnson

Frank Jones

Lynne Kingsley

Marilyn Kerstijens

Bob Krenzer

Samana Lake

Annette LaMay

Skip LaMay

Pete Latham

Rebecca Ledwin

Bill Lindenfelser

Linda Ludgate

Joyce Mager

Bob Marchese

Carolyn Martin

Beth MacVittie

Jim May

Joanne Mitchell

Brent Morse

Victoria O'Brien

Bill Pakulski

Carol Quinn

John Reighn

Val Rice

Gretchen Schauss

Kathy Schoeniger

David Schott

Jack Schroeder

Rich Sensenbach

Beth Sieber

Doug Smith

Vicky Southall

Jackson Thomas

Shirley Thomas

Larry Telle

Karin Topfer

Corky Tryon

Steven Tryon

Marty Turner

Charlie Valeska

Lin Van Artsdalen

Meredith Waheed

Gerry Wahl

Peg Warrick

Floyd Welker

Ian Wright

Nathan Yost

Expo 2016 - photos by Jet Thomas

Mendon Ponds Park Beach Area

Hosted by Adirondack Mountain Club, Genesee Valley Chapter
and Monroe County Parks

The Outdoor Expo offers you a day of learning opportunities to enhance

 your enjoyment for outdoor recreation on both land and water.

 Participate in over 60 workshops for hiking, canoeing, kayaking, backpacking,

 camping, bicycling and many other related outdoor skills or just sit and

 listen to the music. Check out the latest in kayaks and canoes on the pond.  

 Meet representatives of outdoor clubs and organizations.  
 Refreshments will be available for purchase at the Expo.

Workshops include:
Map & Compass, Tarp Hanging, Bike Maintenance, Bike Emergency Repairs, Changing a Flat Tire, GPS, Astronomy, Treating the Water, Packrafting, How to Pack Your Backpack, Winter Backpacking & Camping, Birding Workshop, Camping Essentials, Orienteering for Beginners, Knots, Building Your Own First Aid & Survival Kit, First Aid in the Wilderness, If You Are Lost in the Woods, Cooking for Backpacking & Camping,  Basic Paddling Strokes, Whitewater Demonstration, Paddling Safety, Kayak Rescue Demonstration, Planning a Day Paddle

Music by the Golden Link Folk Singing Society

Steven Tryon,
May 26, 2015, 11:16 AM