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May 23 - Posted June Geneseean.
May 24 - Posted June chapter meeting information.

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June 6th Program 7:30


Please note the change of date for the June meeting. Due to a scheduling conflict with the RMSC, our June meeting will be June 6.

I. 15 Day Wilderness Canoe Trip

Presented by Barb Brenner

If a wilderness canoe area can be described as an area with no signage to guide you, no marked or designated campsites, no outhouses or outboxes, no competition for camp areas, just wonderful paddling routes and boreal forest, then Wabakimi hits the mark. Wabakimi Provincial Park is approximately 4 hours north of Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada. Barb Brenner's presentation is about 1 float plane to fly the group into the interior of Wabakimi, 2 tandem canoes, 4 women, 4 backpacks, 2 food duluth sacks and 4 day packs, and 15 wonderful days of paddling in Wabakimi Provincial Park.

II. Eleven Days in the "Enchanted" Galapagos Island

Presented by Jim Bird

Due to their isolation, the Galapagos Islands are home to one of the most fascinating collections of wildlife and birds on our planet. This program will provide an overview of the geography, geology, animal life found there. Special emphasis will be on bird life, as the trip in the spring of 2010 was at a time when most of the birds were raising their young. Included will be tips for those of you planning your first trip to the islands.

June 6 - Workshop 6:30

annual gear swap 

Recycle your unused gear and get paid to do it. Clean out your closet, bring your cash, and come to find bargains.


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