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November Program



Slide Show Tribute by Leslie Surprenant, Anne LaBastille’s longtime friend and estate executor

Learn much more about the life of “Woodswoman,” Anne LaBastille and the enduring legacy of conservation, education and literature she leaves for future generations. An inspiring role model for many, Anne LaBastille broke trail for women in conservation, courageously advocated for the environment and wrote award-winning books including the Woodswoman series, Jaguar Totem, Women and Wilderness; over 150 popular articles and 25 scientific articles. First to research the flightless Giant Grebe of Guatemala, she spearheaded Guatemala’s first wildlife preserve. Her pioneering work in wildlife ecology in the United States and Latin America earned international recognition and awards including the World Wildlife Fund Gold Medal for Conservation, the Explorers Club Citation of Merit, and Society of Women Geographers Gold Medal. This biographical tribute, by long-time friend Leslie Surprenant, includes a slide show with many unpublished photos taken throughout Anne’s life and a selection of Anne’s personal belongings and books for viewing. Leslie Surprenant is an Adirondack native and grew up in Eagle Bay in the western Adirondacks. She was a long-time friend of conservationist and author Anne LaBastille and is the Executrix of Dr. LaBastille’s Estate. Anne and Leslie were bound by their passion for nature and their conservation professions.

Leslie is working hard to create a lasting LaBastille Legacy from the bold vision Anne described in her directives. She developed this special tribute to help share the remarkable life of this trailblazer with LaBastille’s fans and to inspire new generations. Leslie retired from a 35 year career with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in 2016. She began as an Assistant Forest Ranger patrolling a 50,000 acre Adirondack Wilderness Area and ended as the leader of DEC’s Invasive Species Coordination Unit with 16 years as a fisheries biologist in between. She lives in the Catskills with her family and loves anything outdoors and “doing it herself” construction projects.

November Workshop

6:30pm Wednesday, November 8, 2017 

Presented by Craig McGowen & Joe Vay 

Backcountry skiing is an excellent way to explore the Adirondacks. With the proper equipment and technique, it is possible to ski iconic mountains such as Marcy, Wright, Phelps and Gothics. However, for many skiing is just a quiet, fast, and fun way to get around in the winter. This workshop will cover the skills and equipment you need to know to get started or to improve. It will also share some of the presenter’s favorite backcountry destinations. The following topics will be reviewed: skis vs snowshoes - advantages of each, ski equipment, downhill (telemark) technique, and classic Adirondack backcountry ski destinations.

December Program

Looking Ahead to December 
A Glacial Trek for my 24th State Highpoint – 
Climbing Mount Rainier in Washington State 

Completing a 15 year-long adventure to become an ADK 46r in 2003, Todd Williams came upon the State Highpointers list as a new checklist challenge. His journey to hike the highest point in each of the 50 states began with White Butte in western North Dakota, his home at the time. Come hear his stories about leading Japanese tourists in a classic camp song on Hawaii’s highest point Mauna Kea; summiting New York’s Mt. Marcy in gale force winds for his 56 year-old mom’s birthday; toting a breastfeeding 6-month old infant to Mt. Elbert in Colorado; and, the largest challenge so far, a 6 day skill building trek to the top of Mount Rainier in Washington State.

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