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The Lost Bird Project

Presentation scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, 7:30, RMSC. We are very likely to have unimaginable and unprecedented global human suffering from Climate Change, yet, so far, there has been no meaningful response to that threat. The answer to “why?” is multilayered and complex. Many believe that better communication of information, scientific facts, will help, but to date that has not seemed to help much.
The Lost Bird Project, my non-profit based in New York, has taken a novel approach. Our mission is connecting more deeply to the earth through art. All of our many initiatives align with that. Parents care for their children in wondrous ways, often making very significant personal sacrifices, because they love their children. This is the deepest kind of connection. Lost Bird aims to foster a deep re-connection with the earth and our hope is that a deeper connection will lead to the activism we now so badly need.
In this talk, I will present a few of our projects and show how we do that. Included will be two Rochester based initiatives, The Fast Forward Film Festival and Earth Vigil, I will present our documentary film, The Lost Bird Project, and Fold-theFlock – The Passenger Pigeon Origami Project. Finally, I will present Smartfin, a technologically designed surfboard fin, that during normal surfing accurately measures ocean chemistry and wirelessly transmits the data to the worldwide ocean science community for research. If time permits, I will also mention our latest effort, a feature length documentary film, Rue des Elephants, that tells the story of the impending extinction of the African Forest Elephant.

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