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Second Wednesday of the Month
September - June
Free and Open to the Public

Workshop at 6:30 PM
Presentation at 7:30 PM

Eisenhart Auditorium, Rochester Museum and Science Center 
657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

February 13 Chapter Meeting - Program 7:30

CHAPTER MEETING, February 13, 7:30 P.M.


Reinhard will share his epic journey in attempting to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2018. Since starting a journal (http://www.trailjournals.com/journal/entries/21469 or just google OPA Appalachian Trail) with his trademark trail name OPA, he has had over 205,000 separate views from family, friends, and mostly complete strangers that have followed his progress and become fans. As you follow his journal, you experience the power of positive attitude in overcoming significant obstacles from mother nature as well as the limits of the human body. You encounter the best in people: helpful, kind, grateful, generous, caring, and reverent. And you see extradentary friendships being made.

Reinhard describes himself as a weekend backpacker and day hiker who enjoys the occasional foray into the outdoors. He is an unabashed peak bagger, and as such has become an ADK 46er/Winter 46er and Northeast 115er (Maine/14; New Hampshire/48; Vermont/5; New York/48). Reinhard has also led several trips for the Rochester Winter Mountaineering Society (RWMS) and has climbed Mt. Rainier in Washington – which he says is “as high up as he wants to go”.

Although he had never before undertaken an extended long-distance trek, he for years had dreamed about embarking on a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. With his retirement in January 2018 at the age of 66, and with the blessing of his wife and family, the opportunity presented itself. He read many books and journals written by people who had hiked the AT, which gave him the confidence to attempt his own thru-hike. Although his quest for a complete thru-hike was thwarted due to a series of health issues that he faced while on the trail, he managed to complete 1,691 miles – exactly 500 miles short of the entire 2,191-mile long AT, which he intends on completing in 2019.

Reinhard describes his 2018 AT thru-hike attempt as the
adventure of a lifetime, and he reminisces about the trail every
day: the variety of interesting people he met and the friends he made, the challenges he faced, and the sights that he saw. Join us as Reinhard
takes us through his AT adventure!

February 13 - Workshop 6:30

6:30 p.m. workshop

It's Your Food - Keep It That Way

Presented by Barb Brenner

It's your food, you carried it over the trails or portages, you deserve to eat it after doing all the work. But how can you protect it from those big, and little, visitors to your campsite? Maybe in a bear bag, maybe in a bear canister, maybe doing something foolish ... so many possibilities. Attend this workshop to brush up on how to protect your food when backpacking or wilderness paddling. This workshop will review how to hang a bear bag, how to pack a bear canister and various tips and tricks to using either one. Come and find out how one can get 15 days of food into one Garcia bear canister.

March 13 Chapter Meeting - Program 7:30


CHAPTER MEETING, March 13, 7:30 P.M.

How Winter Shapes the Alpine Zone

Presented by Kayla White, Summit Steward Coordinator, Adirondack Mountain Club

New York’s alpine zone is a dangerous, gripping, and magnificent place. The exposed, mercurial world above tree lines often features slippery ice, ripping wind and drifting snowfields. While humans can be warmly-clad visitors in this harsh environment, this fragile ecological zone is also home to specially-adapted alpine plants that survive here year-round. Over the centuries a cyclic interplay of ice, wind, and snow have all shaped the alpine zone, making it an environment in which only tundra plants can survive.

Come listen to Kayla White, a leader in the effort to protect the Adirondack alpine environment, talk about the challenges we face in preserving this scarce and fragile ecosystem.

March 13 - Workshop 6:30


March 13, 7:30 P.M.  6:30 p.m. WORKSHOP

Camp Stove and Water Filtration Campfire Workshop

Get an inside look at advanced camp stoves and water filtration tools. Our REI Inspired Guide will show you how to select, use and maintain different types of stoves, water filters, and water purifiers. You will leave this campfire session knowing which equipment is right for you and how best to use the tools you already have

April 10 - Workshop 6:30


6:30 p.m. workshop 

Flat Tire Repair Clinic: Presented by DreamBikes Rochester NY

Don't get caught walking home next time you get a flat tire. We will teach you all about How to repair a flat tire and what you can do to prevent having to change a tire in the first place.
DreamBikes is a non-profit, full-service bike shop making dreams come true for local kids, one bike at a time.

Steven Tryon,
Feb 15, 2018, 5:04 PM
Steven Tryon,
Feb 15, 2018, 5:05 PM