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Second Wednesday of the Month
September - June
Free and Open to the Public

Workshop at 6:30 PM
Presentation at 7:30 PM

Eisenhart Auditorium, Rochester Museum and Science Center 
657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

December 12 Chapter Meeting - Program 7:30

CHAPTER MEETING, December 12, 7:30 P.M.

Hiking the Winter 46 in One Winter After Age 70

Presented by Serge Lossa

(Note: Change of presentation from the previous announcement due to unexpected scheduling conflicts.)

To celebrate my 70s, I decided to attempt the 46 again in one winter. What an experience, considering that I am not retired yet! I had some of the worst and best hikes in my life, and it gave me the opportunity to meet with new hikers, get closer to some of my friends, and strengthen my ties with my daughter Celine.

The story that I like to share with all of you is that with a little bit of preparation and practice, some dedication and perseverance, some resilience to cold and pain, any of you can have this absolute, unique experience of beauty, completeness and joy of achieving something quite extraordinary.

December 12 - Workshop 6:30

Workshop, December 12, 6:30 P.M.

simple secrets of waxing cross-country skis

Presented by Coleridge Gill

Snow is on the way! At our December Workshop, the "Simple Secrets of Waxing Cross Country Skis" will be discussed and demonstrated by Coleridge Gill, former Coach of the Brighton High School Cross Country Ski Team, past President of the Rochester Nordic Ski Club, and XC Ski Instructor.

January 9 Chapter Meeting - Program 7:30


A Journey: From Pursuit of Challenging Surfing Waves to Summitting the Acclaimed “Unclimbable” Himalayan Peak - Ama Dablam

Rochester-based climber Lawrence Creatura will present his ascent of one of the most coveted peaks in the world - Ama Dablam. A striking 22,349-ft. pyramid of rock and ice arising out of the Khumbu Valley of Nepal near Everest, and called by many “The Matterhorn of the Himalayas”, Ama Dablam is considered technically more difficult than Everest, and reputedly described by Edmund Hillary as even unclimbable. This mountain holds a special place in the culture of the local Sherpa people, and its summit looms as an alluring aspiration to all Himalayan climbers.

Lawrence Creatura has made ascents in Alaska (including Denali), Bolivia, Patagonia, Kazakhstan, Peru, Irian Jaya, and the Adirondacks. He's very excited to have the opportunity to share with our ADK members the story of his climb to the summit of this remarkably beautiful mountain via a circuitous - and seemingly unlikely - route starting in his earlier years in search of the best surfing waves of SE Asia.

Steven Tryon,
Feb 15, 2018, 5:04 PM
Steven Tryon,
Feb 15, 2018, 5:05 PM